Kasey Holloway

818 Richmond Road
Rockingham, NC 28379
United States

e-mail: kasey@carolina.net


Web page enthusiast. Loves to build web sites for friends. Is looking for a chance to learn more and to build web sites professionally.


Wrote lyrics for songs that were innovative and thought provoking.
Writes frequent email messages just for the enjoyment of writing.
Have been teaching my mother to use her computer.
Supervised myself through a project building a bookcase in my room & got the job finished in 1 week.
Have been on the internet for over 3 years.
Researched and learned how to design and build web pages that download quickly & are well organized.
Have been called a "natural" at anything electronic.
Have learned to use my computer and various software without much technical assistance.


Richmond Senior High School, NC - Graduated (1988).

Richmond Community College, NC - Computer course, completed (1996).

International Correspondence School, -TV\VCR Repair, completed, diploma. (1996-1998)


Girls Tee Ball Trophy, 1977

Honor Student, 1981-1988

Who's Who, 1985

Winner, Battle Of The Bands, 1989


guitar player, in Seducer, Summer 1989-Autumn 1989

guitar player, in Dragonfly, June 1995-November 1989

guitar player, in OTW, July 1996-August 1997

Web Page Enthusiast, April 1997-present

Computer Enthusiast, April 1997-present

Examples Of Web Sites I have built:

The Kasey Katz Home Page
My Nature Web Site Built using PhotoImpact 4.0.
Make your own free website on Tripod.com